Grow Now with Hurrells Seeds Coldstart 100

Hurrells Seeds introduces its year-round winter active grass seed mixture Coldstart 100!
Hurrells Seeds is an independent family-run grass seed company with more than sixty-five years of experience. It has developed from humble beginnings into a superb amenity seed business, with three generations involved in running the business.
The company stocks individual variety of grass seeds and wildflower seeds, enabling a flexible approach to creating bespoke mixtures for customers.
Why is Coldstart 100 different to any other grass seed?
Coldstart contains two dwarf perennial ryegrasses from New Zealand including the STRI listed Ceretec Centurion. Both are ‘winter active’, fine-leafed and hard-wearing ryegrasses that grow in soil temperatures as low as five degrees Celsius (other ryegrasses require at least 10-12 degrees Celsius). Both cultivars are tried and tested at stadium level in the UK and are significantly finer and better quality than any tetraploid variety. This extra winter activity growth from Coldstart can improve winter renovations, enabling extra weeks, if not months, of growth
Nick Gladstone, Hurrell’s Seeds, Managing Director said: “This mix is proven to grow in extremely low soil temperatures when other cultivars/mixes will not grow. Recently, only temporary Fescue grass mixes has achieved this growth, now we have a mix as high quality as the better turf perennial STRI-listed cultivars capable of low-temperature growth.”
Coldstart 100 is 50% COLOSSEUM Winter Active Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass, and 50% CERETEC CENTURION Winter Active Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass.
Please note this mixture is not an annual mix unlike some competitors. It’s perennial, so will last more than one year, and will last longer the better it is managed. Dougie Robertson, Head Groundsman, West Ham United said: “I used Coldstart at a training ground in a very wet year and I was pleased at the very quick growth and development.”
Hurrells Seeds doesn’t just have grass seed, it has a wide range of amenity products including wildflowers, fertilisers, spreaders etc.

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