Enhanced Turf Rewards

New rewards for the ICL and Syngenta Turf Rewards loyalty scheme in 2018 include: Beepol Hive and Villa; 3M Peltor WS Protac XP Headset; iPad Pro 12.9” 64BG; MacBook Air 13.3” 128GB; and £150 Machine Mart voucher.
Turf managers across the UK and Ireland have benefited from the scheme since its creation five years ago. The scheme can enhance education, improve operations and boost team morale. It can also help budgets go further. Turf Rewards provides the opportunity for customers to earn points from purchases that can be exchanged for a selection of agronomic or turf-related items and learning opportunities
The updated Turf Rewards website has a similar feel to the previous version, with new features such as product trackers and promotion trackers, designed to help end users maximise the number of Turf Rewards points that can be collected. Extra points for promotions will now be automatically added to user’s points totals.
A new Turf Rewards App will be soon available to download from both the App Store and Google Play. It will feature the same tracking bars as the website. Turf Rewards users can now upload their invoices as proof of purchase (blanking out any information not relevant to the claim, including prices and other products not relevant to Turf Rewards). The app will make the verification process easy, and the current points total will be available at a touch of a button.

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