BBC boost for trees

To help celebrate National Tree Week, BBC Breathing Places has teamed up with Guinness World Records and the HTA for Tree O’ Clock: a nationwide challenge to plant more than 653,143 trees within a single hour (11am – 12 noon on Saturday 5th December).

With a planned launch on Autumnwatch, the BBC has enlisted the HTA as their partner in this campaign to distribute free trees through almost 1000 participating HTA member retailers. The BBC are providing HTA members the trees and accompanying point of sale materials in preparation for thousands of people across the UK who will be attempting to plant as many trees as possible within a single hour. To count towards the world record every tree must be planted between 11am and 12 noon on Saturday 5th December.

HTA Promotions Manager Jennifer Thwaites commented “This is a fantastic footfall generator for garden centres and nurseries and also helps to demonstrate that you can still plant during the winter period. Trees provide many solutions in garden design, as well as the structure for other planting. They also provide habitats and a food source for birds and wildlife.”

The BBC is attempting two world record-breaking attempts: the most number of trees planted in one location in one hour and the most number of trees planted in multiple locations in one hour. The record attempt ties in with the HTA’s PlantforLife Plant of the Month initiative which focuses on trees in December. Tree O’Clock takes place at 11am on Saturday 5th December. For more information visit or

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