Arbocut …27 years experience

ARBOCUT are a professional hedge cutting contractors who take care of the countryside:- Over 27years of close co-operation with contractors give Arbo-Cut 2000 engineers the depth and knowledge to design and build special hedge cutting equipment including the Arbo-Cut 2000 Saw and the Arbo-Cut 2000 Flail and Saw.,br/>
They also manufacture saw unit attachments, saw blades, fine and rough cut. Fitting and removing the Arbo-Cut 2000 Series Hedge cutter is simplicity itself due to its easy to use adjustable parking legs which are carried on the machine at all times to prevent them from being mislaid.
Independent hydraulic systems eliminate the messy chore of coupling hydraulic hoses. No tools are needed to complete the fitting or removal in less than 10 minutes. Standard mounting is by unobtrusive axle brackets which do not normally affect check chains, stabilizers and pick-up hitches . They are designed to be left on the tractor throughout the year for quick coupling of the trimmer when required.

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