Reminder: Iprodine Disposal

Bayer head of sales, Neil Pettican, reiterates it will be illegal to store or use unapproved iprodione-based chemicals, including Chipco Green® and Interface® after 5 June 2018.
“If it’s not possible to use up products safely by this date, then it’s important to dispose of them responsibly,” he says. “To help users keep in line with stewardship guidelines for disposal, Bayer has developed a blueprint document to help greenkeepers build a waste chemical disposal unit, known as the Phytobac. The system is similar to a bio-bed and can be filled with soil and barley straw to harbour bacteria, which feed on the pesticides to dispose of them naturally, without harming the external environment.
“The blueprint to build a Phytobac can be downloaded for free from the Bayer website. However, if this isn’t an option, it’s recommended that a local hazardous waste company is contacted to take away any unwanted chemicals.”
Neil recommends Exteris Stressgard® as an alternative to iprodione-based products: “This fungicide has filled the gap left by such a pivotal active ingredient and is now a key player in helping greenkeepers to manage Microdochium Patch, as it offers preventative and early curative control.”

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