Aspen Fuel

Aspen Fuel reduces workshop costs

Aspen Fuel reduces workshop costs by 95% for commercial contractor  Grounds Maintenance Contractors Weedfree Landscapes have reported a 95% reduction in servicing and workshop costs thanks to switching to Aspen Fuel Alkylate Petrol. For the last two years, the contractors have been using Aspen to power all of their 2-stroke equipment, which has not only contributed …

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suzu grafter best for arboriculture 

Isuzu Grafter best for arboriculture

Isuzu trucks are the standard ‘go to’ vehicle for arboriculture in the UK, according to leading company Bartlett Tree Experts, citing the Isuzu grafter best for arboriculture operations The tree specialists have recently added a further five new Isuzus to its nationwide transport fleet. Bartlett now operates more than 45 Isuzus in total. Bartlett’s affinity …

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zero-turn mowers

Zero-turn mowers save time

There is no question zero-turn mowers save time and they are fast without the furious! The ability for a zero-turn mower to turn on the proverbial sixpence and reduce the need for extra manoeuvring is no idle boast. You get to the end of the cutting row, make a quick 180-degree turn, align the deck …

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Arb tipper truck

Arb tipper truck by Isuzu Trucks

Long-standing operator of Isuzu trucks, Ipswich based Elite Tree Services has just introduced a brand new bespoke built Isuzu Grafter 3.5 tonne arb tipper truck into its vehicle fleet, which will enable two and three men teams to go on jobs completely self-contained with all the equipment needed to complete the job. The Isuzu Grafter …

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Isuzu Truck UK breaks records

Isuzu Truck UK breaks records

Commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Truck UK has revealed that 2019 was a record year for the company as it achieved an overall 23.5% increase in vehicle sales for the calendar year, confirming that it was, in fact, its best year ever, in terms of the total number of vehicle sales in the company’s 23 year …

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