Syngenta…BTME stand B38

Syngenta is to launch its new XC range of turf sprayer nozzles at BTME. Designed to improve the accuracy and results from every application, the Syngenta Turf XC Nozzle range overcomes the key issues facing turf spray operators to achieve even application.
An entirely new engineered solution incorporates a unique orifice design with a wide spray angle, to produce an improved droplet distribution – capable of delivering even turf coverage at low nozzle heights. This resolves problems with slopes and undulations that can result in uneven spray distribution.
Furthermore, the XC Nozzle design utilises new air induction technology to reduce the risk of spray drift, whilst still creating significantly more droplets to enhance leaf coverage. To deliver more effective results, each nozzle in the range has a specifically calculated and tested rearwards facing spray pattern, which counteracts the forward movement of the sprayer to coat and protect all sides of the turf leaf.
The XC Nozzle range will launch at BTME with three sizes: 025; 04 and 08 – selected to cover most turf applications at appropriate water volumes and typical spraying speeds.
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Stand B38