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Rigby Taylor have launched a new range of Euroflor Urban Flower Seed Mixtures, which have been successfully trialled on golf courses.
Dedicated horticultural varieties are mixed with some wildflowers to create this specialist range of 14 mixtures designed in conjunction with seed breeder Top Green.
At the picturesque West Cornwall Golf Club in Hayle, Euroflor mixes have transformed dull areas of the course into real focal points, much admired by members and visitors.
The ground was prepared by spraying off with glyphosate and seed sown directly on top of prepared ground. The flower seed was applied at a rate of 2-3gms per square metre and mixed with sand to aid sowing. Light watering was required after three days due to the soil drying out and the steepness of the bank where some seed was sown.
Planted by the 2nd, 5th and 13th tees the first flowers appeared after five weeks and others followed within eight weeks – until all areas became a carpet of colourful flowers.
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