Rigby Taylor at BTME – Three new product launches

The New Armaline linemarking system
Specially developed for use with the award winning Impact paint, Armaline is a versatile linemarking attachment for use with turf utility vehicles.
For many Local Authorities, schools and training grounds, the multiple marking of sports pitches is a time consuming task. Now, with the introduction of ArmaLine, multiple pitches can be over-marked by one operator in a fraction of time taken when marking with a pedestrian walk-behind marker.
Armaline is an attachment that features a universal clamp that fits to the side of a turf utility vehicle. The Armaline is connected to a compact battery/pump unit placed in the flatbed of the vehicle, together with a 10 litre drum of Impact ready to use paint.
Designed to partner with the Impact award winning paint, an operator just connects the Impact ready to use paint drum to the Armaline unit and marking can start immediately. No measuring, no pouring, no mixing and, as there is NO added water required, there is little weight extra carried by the vehicle; an important factor when marking out wet pitches during the winter.
Once fitted to the turf utility vehicle, all the operator has to do is place the ‘ski’ part of the Armaline on a previously marked line and, whilst driving, over-mark the lines on the pitch….it’s that easy. The ergonomically ‘ski’ design of the Armaline ensures that it slides smoothly of rough surfaces. Interchangeable line widths of 3 & 4 inches can be made and a solenoid spray head ensures an instant paint cut-off.
The Armaline system features either a universal clamp that can be easily removed and fitted to different vehicles or, can be a permanent fixture for a dedicated linemarking unit. The ‘Arm’ can be retracted and locked in position when traveling between pitches or sites. A powerful 20amp battery powers a 12volt diaphragm pump. The battery is removable and can be charged away from the vehicle if required.
Advances in Grass Seed Technology
Featuring top performing cultivars in the latest Turfgrass Seed listing, R25 CRT (Creeping Ryegrass Tetraploid) is an exciting 100% perennial ryegrass blend featuring creeping AND tetraploid perennial ryegrasses. This leading innovation provides the fastest establishment possible for the renovation and divot repair of high impact playing surfaces.
Trialled and tested at Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI), the combination of Stolawn, Fabian, Duparc and Columbine, also offers superior recovery, exceptional wear tolerance and excellent resistance to drought and turf diseases.
R25 features the two perennial ryegrasses Columbine and Duparc. Both these ryegrasses have a very high recovery rating of 7.6 and 7.2 respectively. Shoot density is also high at 7.6 and 7.7. Columbine however has ther highes listed value for wear tolerance of 8.4 and Duparc offers a very high Red Thread tolerance of 8.5.
The addition of Stolawn with its creeping perennial ryegrass habit provides the fastest possible establishment from its prolific shoot production at the crown. For high wear areas, Stolawn’s creeping growth habit offers superior surface recovery from elongated tiller roots.
Finally, the incorporation Fabian tetraploid perennial ryegrass to the 4 way mixture provides a high energy seed for rapid germination; Tetraploid has double the number of chromosomes in comparison to diploid perennial ryegrass, providing extraordinary benefits.
Fabian has excellent properties for shoot recovery during cool temperatures and has an upright growth habit. Its strong, deep root system provides excellent stabilization and offers exceptional tolerance to Microdochium Patch, Leaf Spot and Rust. Depth of colour allows it to blend in well with existing perennial ryegrass swards.
Sowing rate is 40g/sq.m, overseeding rate at 35g/sq.m, sowing depth down to 15m and a mowing height down to 10mm is recommended.
New brochures for 2015

Three new brochures are now available from Rigby Taylor.
Professional Products:
The company’s 2015 Professional Products range brochure features 160 pages of product user information, technical explanation, disease identification, pH and soil analysis advice and much more.
Laid out in an easy to read, east to find format the brochure is a must-have reference aid.
Landscape Products
The brochure contains 34 pages of featured landscape products. New for 2015 are a complete re-vamp of the company’s grass seed range of landscapers products. New mixtures and new areas of use are featured together with new EuroFlor urban flower seed mixtures and the herbicide Icade for invasive, troublesome weeds such as Japanese knotweed, Hogweed, brambles etc.
Case Study
Describing in 12 pages of Case Study, this independent document describes one UK Metropolitan Borough Council’s analysis of their pitch linemarking practices and how it was able to reduce its cost per pitch by over 42% and save over £16,000 and 36,000 litres of water on the pitches it marked.
All three pieces of literature are available from a Rigby Taylor area representative or by Freephone 0800 424 919
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