No show merger…..IOG Saltex/ BTME Harrogate

The IOG ,BIGGA and the Agricultural Engineers Association under the independent Chairmanship of David Gwyther of the HTA have, conducted an extensive review of trade events for the sector.
They were tasked to carefully consider the location, frequency and composition of the trade events available to manufacturers and retailers of grounds and turf care products.
David Gwyther summed up the conclusions: “HTA’s independent and objective analysis of the industry’s two main shows has made it clear that there is, in fact, little real overlap in target markets . Merging them together somewhere in central England would only increase costs. There is no market appetite for further, new shows.
“ However working together on this issue has led to the recognition that all the parties have much to gain from developing collaboration into other areas. I am very pleased with these positive outcomes from our joint meetings this year, which demonstrate that this industry can and does work sensibly together.”