Jacksons Fencing …… Style and Substance


 Jacksons Fencing, has launched its new 2018 collection of quality handcrafted fence panels: Aran, Metro, Mitre and Storm.

With over 70 years of expertise, Jacksons manufactures a wide range of panels that cater to all tastes, from modern contemporary to traditional and more. These four new panel designs further broaden the range to give customers a greater choice of fencing options.

Aran brings a traditional and homely feel with its woven effect, while Metro’s elegant design will ‘optically’ expand your garden to give the illusion of more space. Mitre, a twist on the commonly known palisade or picket fence style, is ideal for outdoor spaces where light takes priority over privacy. Finally, Storm, specifically created for exposed gardens with strong prevailing winds, meaning it will stand strong no matter the conditions.

Fencing is a vital part of garden and landscape design and is no longer considered just a border between neighbours. Picking the correct fence is essential in complementing your planting and landscaping choices. However, fencing is much more than a backdrop. It can be used to demark areas within a garden to create an on trend outdoor ‘space’ or cleverly screen off unsightly objects.



Aran Fence Panels

Inspired by traditional English woven fencing, the Aran offers a contemporary update on this artisanal crafted style. The panel offers the latest in ‘good-both-sides’ design, so both you and your neighbour benefit from the best looking side of the fence. With its intertwined slats of different depths this panel distinguishes itself by providing visual interest and the woven pattern allows light to filter through, casting dappled shadows across your garden landscape, while ensuring privacy.

Available in 1.83m x 1.83m panels, Aran comes with the Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® guarantee against rot and insect attack. RRP £81.80.




The Metro panel is a sleek new addition to the Jacksons range with a premium slatted design that offers a contemporary look if traditional fencing is not for you. Taking inspiration from Jacksons’ popular Venetian panels, Metro is highly decorative and will bring light to your home’s garden. By emphasising the horizontal slats and disguising the vertical fence posts, Metro has been designed to make gardens appear longer with continuous slats rather than individual panels. Although designed with smaller urban gardens in mind this panel can blend seamlessly into country gardens with its contemporary good looks.

Available in 0.6m x 1.83m or 0.9m x 1.83m panels, Metro comes with the Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® guarantee. RRP £27.25 and £36.20 respectively.




A play on palisade or picket fencing, Mitre’s taller planed pales bring refinement to a classic style with its attractive curved top, equally at home in a rural or urban setting. The elongated pales are not only a style piece themselves, creating an attractive barrier, but the panels also allow for maximum natural light, making them perfect for gardens that need a little brightening up.

Available in 1.0m x 1.83m or 1.2m x 1.83m panels, Mitre comes with the Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® guarantee. RRP £33.70 and £39.15 respectively.




Originally used as a demarcation fence for locations exposed to high winds, where solid fences or lighter palisade designs would be inappropriate, Storm fence panels are endurance embodied. Their sturdy, ‘Hit and Miss’ design looks good both sides. While perfect for windy gardens, they are likely to be a popular choice in many different environments. Storm allows light and air to pass unhindered while offering restricted visibility through the panel.

Available in 1.2m x 1.83m panels, Storm comes with the Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® guarantee. RRP £75.40.

Jacksons Fencing panels are all made with Jakcure treated softwood and come with a 25 year guarantee. There is no need to apply any further timber protection treatment to your Jacksons Jakcure  treated product, so it’s a maintenance free choice.