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Headland Amenity is bringing a new Disease Prevention Strategy to Harrogate following important discoveries during STRI trials.

Monthly applications of Headland’s plant elicitor and plant hardening products Turfite, Liquid Turf Hardener and Seamac ProTurf have shown a dramatic reduction in the incidence of disease, before the need for fungicide application. These excellent results were further enhanced with the addition of low rates of Solufeed NK 15-0-25 soluble fertiliser.

“We have always known that individually, such products have a positive effect on disease resistance due to ingredients such as calcium, iron and phosphate” says Headland’s Sales Director Andy Russell, “but it was only by carrying out the trials at the STRI that we learned about the combination effect and its potential for dramatic reductions in disease levels, versus the control plots.”

The successful trials have led to an even greater focus on achieving optimum plant health and protection going into any likely periods of disease. In another study, DewCure, Headland’s market leading dew control product also showed a reduction in disease occurance just by maintaining dry surfaces over the duration of likely periods of infection. “Many turf diseases spread in water, so by keeping surfaces drier we can limit the regular need for remedial treatment,” Andy Russell explains.

“These two trials have shown what can be achieved on a preventative basis, without rushing to apply control products. The environmental and cost benefits are there for all to see. At the very least these products can form part of a strategy to minimise or sometimes eliminate the need for fungicides, due to their positive effect on plant health and strength,” Russell concludes.