Golf finger

Sean Connery, George Lazenby Roger Moore and Daniel Craig were some of the ‘A’ class celebs that did not attend BTME’s James Bond evening staged during the Harrogate Show.
BIGGA executive Matthew Wignall was able to confirm that it was a glittering, fully attended non- star studded event. The bouncers were busy throwing people into the glamorous hotel lobby.
The excited revellers had all lashed out a massive £20 to take part in the social event of the turf calendar.

‘Bunker Burner’ was the hit cocktail of the evening. This was made up with lashings of house lager, a dash of lemonade, two cherries and an umbrella cocktail stick… shaken of course – stirring was forbidden.
In a deliberate act of common sense the BIGGA management had refused entry to The Landscaper team. Editor David Curtis , Feature writers Ffion Llwyd-Jones and Carol Dutton, Multi Media Video Editor David (Tarantino) Berman as well as marketing executive James Coppin were all left standing outside in the snow.
Many of the partygoers were shocked that the top team of Turf media were banned from the event. They made their feelings known in a 60 second protest video where they said exactly what they think about The Landscaper.
You can watch it right now…