Tree preparation

Ultimate guide to tree preparation

Jim Upson, director of Upson Mowers and the UK distributor of Skarper chippers, offers the ultimate guide to tree preparation. As the days get longer, our trees inevitably grow leafier. They transform from a bare, spindly mass of twigs and branches to luscious, green miracles of nature. However, if you’d like your trees to transition through …

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Automatic irrigation

Automatic irrigation solutions

Rosewood Irrigation Services of St Albans is seeing increasing interest and demand from the residential sector for professional automatic irrigation systems. Homeowners who have employed garden design and landscaping services are also looking to protect their investment by installing proper irrigation that will ensure their gardens continue to flourish in the years to come. “ …

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Health and Safety in landscaping

Health and safety in landscaping

Working with machinery is all in a days work for those who work in land based industries. However, due to the nature of the profession, work related injury and illnesses do occur from time to time., so it is important to manage the health and safety of workers. Landscaper, Greg Bedson, reports on some key …

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Stage V Legislation: Unravelling the myths

Timberwolf, specialists in the manufacture of professional wood chippers, uncover the myths of recent Stage V legislation for non-road mobile machinery  In January this year (2019), the introduction of new government legislation to reduce engine emissions saw much speculation and misinformation in the arboriculture industry. A number of ‘myths’ were soon in circulation, with many …

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Sowing Britain’s longest meadow

As the sun begins to drop below the horizon, the team from Pictorial Meadows are just starting out, checking plans and unloading their convoy of trailers. Across a busy four nights this month, this team will transform the central reservation of a busy dual-carriageway into Britain’s longest urban meadow, extending for over six miles through …

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