Clean and cut The Grass Group……BTME NEWS

Trilo and The Grass Group introduced the new Trilo B7 three-point linkage mounted blower at BTME.
Featuring a hydraulically operated 180 degree reverse spout as standard for the ultimate in blowing convenience, the Trilo B7 has wide castor wheels and the anti-scalp roller on the back to follow the most extreme undulations on the golf course.
This lightweight blower has a statically and dynamically balanced impeller to ensure smooth and vibration free operation. It is also very powerful, with 340 cubic metres/min airflow. Weighing in at just 210kg, it is an ideal match for tractors from 30hp with a Cat I or II linkage. Protection against shock loadings is provided by an overrun clutch on the PTO.
The latest generation of walk behind greens mowers from ATT is unique in that it combines leading edge technology with the greenkeeping expertise of its inventor, John Coleman, and continues to receive accolades from leading greenkeepers.
INFiNiCu comprises the INFiNiPower power unit and the SMARTCut superior grass cutting cassette to create an advanced dedicated greens and tees mower.
It has one of the shortest footprints of any walk behind mower on the market allowing ultra-low heights of cut, on even the most undulating greens without scalping. An all new dual power source – Hybrid Engine/Generator Power system or battery power – reduces noise and improves fuel efficiency.
ATT’s INFiNiCut is a constituent part of the INFiNiPower walk behind total turf maintenance cassette system – the SMARTCut cassette can be withdrawn and replaced with any other cassette in the system such as SMARTVibe, THATCHMaster, Ultra-Groomer, Sarel Roller, Star Spiking, Power Rotary Brush or Static Top Dressing Brush.
Three forward speeds can be selected independent of the reel speed – medium and low speed will provide users with higher clip rates. Seven and 11 blade options are available to give a cutting height range of 1.6mm to 25mm (0.06in to 1in), all of which provide superb results in all situations.
The unique floating head mechanism has a ‘dynamic return’ feature that is constantly working to spread the weight of the treatment tool evenly, even when on steep slopes. No moving parts mean no wear and less maintenance.
The Grass Group’s Tim Merrell told The Landscaper this morning: “We are delighted to have such advanced products in our portfolio which can help