Charterhouse Turf Machinery

Charterhouse Turf Machinery introduces a new model in the Verti-Drain range at BTME 2011.
The Verti-Drain is the industry standard solution for intensive aeration of sports turf surfaces, using a adjustable parallelogram forced heave to shatter compaction in any ground conditions, minimising waterlogging and standing water in periods of heavy rain.
On the golf course this means uninterrupted year-round play without resorting to temporary greens, and can reduce the need for expensive drainage works.
Existing high speed Verti-Drains in the range have proved very popular with greenkeepers, offering increased outputs to ease busy workloads. The new 122.020 model combines high speed operation with the ability to work deeper, to an impressive 24cm (9.5in), targeting pans of compacted soil which can prevent free drainage and inhibit grass growth.
The new machine is also the first high speed decompactor to accept 1in tines, giving increased heave. This is an ideal solution to reinvigorate large areas such as fairways, combining intensive decompaction with superb workrates.
Available in a working width of 2.08m, the new model weighs 970kg and can be handled by tractors from 45hp.
Charterhouse Turf Machinery’s Sales Manager Nick Darking says: “This new Verti-Drain uses the latest technology to provide a robust, high speed machine that can work deeper and more efficiently, giving a versatile, highly effective solution for the greenkeeper. We look forward to discussing the numerous benefits with visitors to BTME.”
The Rink 940 SP Pedestrian Top Dresser will be making its debut at the show, designed for greens with limited access or situations where the tractor is tied up with other duties. Offering a capacity of 200 litres, the 940 SP is powered by a 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine via a mechanical drive. It offers a convenient, economical solution for busy golf courses.
One final surprise on the Charterhouse stand in January will be the brand new SpeedSeed Walk behind. With a working width of 600mm, the machine is ideal for sports grounds and golf courses where limited space, economy and random seed dispersal are important. The conical shaped spikes can punch down to a depth of 20mm at a rate of 990 holes per square metre.