Charterhouse topdresser hits the spot …BTME NEWS

Charterhouse Turf Machinery has introduced the DS500 compact top dresser at BTME, offering course managers an ideal solution for applying dressings in a convenient and timely fashion.
Developed by leading applications manufacturer Rink, the brand new DS500 is a compact, versatile top dresser which can be mounted or trailed to work with tractors or utility vehicles. This gives the opportunity to specify a machine to precisely match the club’s requirements and slot into existing regimes at a time when resource management is vital to the success of golf businesses. Weighing in at 370kg, the spreader is easily handled by compact tractors or towed behind a truckster, with a minimum hydraulic requirement of 25 l/min at 140bar.
With inputs increasingly the focus of budget constraints, using top dressings efficiently is crucial. The DS500 has the ability to put on lighter coverings on a regular basis or select higher rates as required using precise hydraulic controls to both the conveyor and spinning discs to give an excellent spread pattern. Spreading width is up to 9 metres and maximum hopper capacity is 550 litres.
At 2.5m long and 1.6m wide the DS500 can manoeuvre easily in tight corners of the course or yard, while a hopper height of 1.3m makes for easy loading.
The wet and mild conditions this winter provide the ideal environment for disease, so encouraging healthy turf growth that can resist pathogens will be a priority for greenkeepers. Charterhouse’s new Verti-Cut 1200 dethatcher employs specially designed Verti-Cut blades which cut the lateral growth of grass roots and remove dead plant material, allowing better water penetration and more room for healthy roots to grow.
Equipped with a powerful and reliable 5.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine or driven from a tractor PTO, the Verti-Cut 1200 offers a 1.2m (48in) working width for excellent productivity and depending on ground conditions can work to 25mm (1in) deep. Heavy-duty components are used throughout for greater durability, including long lasting steel blades.
The latest addition to the renowned Verti-Drain range was also presented at BTME. The new high speed 2216 can decompact to 24cm (9.5in) for the ultimate in deep aeration and shattering throughout the sub-surface layer.
Combining the proven Verti-Drain design with the latest technology, the 2216 can decompact much more quickly and efficiently, while giving the opportunity to work deeper when required and at 1.6m wide it is the perfect size for productivity on the golf course.
“We are expecting the DS500 topdresser to be a real hit with course managers because of its considerably versatility – it is a tremendously useful and effective machine, which fits ideally into our range of customer focused, technologically advanced products,” comments Charterhouse Turf Machinery General Manager Nick Darking.