2iC Consultants Ltd
Tel: 01483 278416
2iC are specialist consultants in irrigation engineering, water engineering and water resource development for golf courses, sports-grounds and ornamental landscape projects
Tel: 01592 620263

3PointPower Ltd
Telephone: 0044 1592 620263
Mobile: 0044 7812 991910
Sales and Service agents for SISIS Equipment Ltd

Abbott (MJ) Ltd
Tel: 01722 716361
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A33
MJ Abbott Limited is one of the UK’s leading sports turf and water engineering contractors

Advanced Turf Technology
Tel: 0114 2479868
Web: Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A31Tel: +44 (0) 114 2479876 Fax: +44 (0) 114 2475726
Advanced Turf Technology is one of the leading suppliers of modular cassette management tools for use on OEM Greens Triplex Mowers. ATT was formed as a joint venture between an international award winning Golf Course Superintendent and a leading UK based engineering company.

AFT Trenchers Ltd
Tel: 01787 311811
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B11
AFT Trenchers Ltd specialises in machines to work on golf courses, sport fields and parks. Trenchers with conveyor systems and a choice of backfilling equipment

Air-Eze Ltd
Tel: 01403 892577
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B30

Air-Eze are manufacturers of compressed air operated cleaning stations.

Air-seal products.
Tel: 01823 674411
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M28
tyre sealants are widely used by Golf courses, Local Authorities and many grounds care maintenance companies. One treatment costs no more than one tyre repair and prevents up to 95% of all tread punctures up to 15mm ( inch). Stops all bead and rim leaks and slow punctures permanently. Costly downtime is avoided.

Aitkens Sportsturf Ltd
Tel: 01977 681155
Stand A36
Comprehensive portfolio of quality products, including fertilisers, grass seeds, herbicides and line marking materials etc.
Amazone Ltd
Tel: 01302 751200
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M26b
AMAZONE is the specialist for fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, powered (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and non-powered soil cultivation (disc cultivators and harrows), precision airplanters and crop protection sprayers.

Aquadyne Sales & Marketing
Tel: 01453 733625
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C3
A range of drainage products from Econoplas manufactured using low-energy technology, creating 0% waste, which is 100% recycled

Aquatic – Solutions UK
Tel: 01788 814838
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C16b
Aquatic solutions control invasive weeds in waterways, rivers and lakes.

Askham Bryan College
Tel: 01904 772277
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B28

Aston Horticulture Ltd
Tel: 0370 350 6250
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A20
As golf course managers and greenkeepers seek to alleviate insects, nematodes and create a fungal-free turf, Aston Turf has been developed to provide such a solution in a prophylactic way. This water-based natural product is formulated from garlic extracts and citrus.

Tel: 0208 897 0125
E-mail :
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C42
Bailoy Products produce decoder based irrigation control

Barcham Trees Plc
Tel: 01353 720748
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M31
Barcham Trees have pioneered and promoted container tree production on a large scale in this country. Founded in 1980 the nursery originally produced a range of seedlings and open ground trees since the early 1990’s. Dissatisfied with the loss rate following transplanting to the final planting site the then owner and now Financial Director, Peter Wells, began to experiment with container production.

Barenbrug UK Ltd
Tel: 013959 272000
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A23
Barenbrug is showcasing its BAR range of sports and amenity grass seed mixtures for 2010 which will feature four innovative newcomers – BAR Rubra, BAR Duo, BAR GT and BAR OC.

Bellwood Trees
Tel: 01828 640219
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A40
Specialists in growing, supplying, planting and relocating premium quality, semi-mature hardy stock for the Construction Industry, Landscape Architects, Public Sector, Sport and Leisure Industry and major Private clients,

Blec Global Ltd
Tel: 01778 346222
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A37a

Border Sports Services Ltd
Tel: 01228 561982
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C15

British Seed Houses
Tel: 01522 868714
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A15
British Seed Houses kicks off 2010 in fine style with three exciting new grass varieties to be launched at BTME on stand A15. The three varieties each bring benefits to different markets, from golf to summer sports and turf growing to landscaping. With their strong performance on golf courses, Creeping Bents are on every greenkeeper’s shopping list, and the revolutionary 007 variety has a licence to thrill. Developed from no less than 24 parent plants, 007 offers superior turf quality, eliminates winter stress discolouration and is highly competitive against poa annua.

Highly versatile – it is suitable for use on greens, tees and fairways, as a complete reseed or for overseeding – 007 has enhanced Dollar Spot resistance, and offers vigorous, uniform growth. Moderate density allows fertiliser and top dressings to be incorporated, but this variety also cuts maintenance bills due to lower fertiliser requirements and reduced need for fungicides. It also adapts well to close mowing on greens.

“This variety is likely to challenge all other creeping bents on the STRI list,” suggests British Seed Houses’ Simon Taylor. “It is ideal for golf courses looking for the excellent performance of Creeping Bent but without the high inputs.”

Finding a top quality perennial ryegrass that is suitable for a range of applications can be a challenge, but British Seed Houses has hit the jackpot with Escapade.
A brand new amenity Perennial Ryegrass for spring 2010, Escapade has high shoot density and a very fine leaf which blends well with fescues, giving a luxuriant, attractive sward.

Offering rapid recovery from wear and a reduced requirement for repair after a major tournament or public event, Escapade can also help turf growers to improve the saleability of their products. With exceptional visual merit and uniform summer and winter greenness, it would be a good choice for high profile lawns at busy hospitality venues.

Low maintenance costs are also part of the package, with excellent resistance to Red Thread.

“A high performance Perennial Ryegrass, Escapade is an ideal choice for summer sports and quality lawns and is likely to be popular for turf production,” comments Simon Taylor.

Turf managers looking for a low maintenance variety should investigate AberFleece Sheeps Fescue, developed for landscaping, ornamental lawns and even golf roughs. Giving a natural grassland appearance, AberFleece is very fine leaved in texture, slow growing and tolerant of poor soil condition.
Its low maintenance requirement makes Aberfleece ideal for highways, verges and embankments, and it is also drought tolerant, cutting the workload and water bills in a dry summer.

Further savings can be made due to AberFleece’s resistance to common turf diseases.
“AberFleece is going to be a real winner as it can be used in so many applications, and will significantly cut costs as it requires so little maintenance,” says Simon Taylor.
Trust British Seed Houses to start 2010 in style with three very diverse and very promising new varieties.

Campey Turf Care Systems
Tel: 01260 224568
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B40 & Hall B, Stand B40b
Campey Turf Care Systems is a grounds care machinery company, providing specialist equipment for professionals. The Macclesfield-based organisation has earned a reputation for offering practical advice and strong aftercare service.

Celuplast Ltd
Tel: +3531 18326210
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A25
Celuplast LTD. are the agents for Decuinik and Everwhite in Fascias, Soffits, Claddings, Windowboards and Trims. We are also the sole Irish manufacturer of the Eurocell Conservatory Roof and also the exciting Guardian Conservatory Roof, please take time to browse these interesting sections of our website

Charterhouse Turf Machinery Ltd
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B37
Tel: 01428 661222
Charterhouse Turf Machinery will showcase a new addition to its range of equipment at BTME. Details are being kept under wraps until the opening of the show, but this proven machine will be of significant benefit to greenkeepers and groundsmen, offering a turf renovation solution which can dramatically improve conditions on golf courses and sports fields.

Charterhouse Sales Manager Nick Darking says: “This new addition will enable greenkeepers and groundsmen to improve playing surfaces in a cost-effective and efficient way and we look forward to revealing all to BTME visitors. It is a well-respected machine and we believe it fits into our range of top quality maintenance equipment well.”

Charterhouse’s existing stable, spearheaded by the iconic Verti-Drain range will also be on show. A popular choice on golf courses, the Verti-Drain 7215 has a working width of 1.56m (61in) and can aerate up to 250mm (10in) deep, for maximum productivity on the green when used with a 25 hp tractor. The unique adjustable parallelogram forced heave shatters compaction in any ground conditions, and this versatile machine features single-point adjustment for optimum results and hollow coring. A three speed gearbox matches the tractor’s ground speed exactly to achieve the desired hole spacing.

With models suitable for work on tees and greens from the 1.2m 7212 which can be pulled by an 18hp tractor to the high capacity 1.6m 7416, there is a wide choice of Verti-Drains for greenkeepers.

Charterhouse also offers a range of re-seeding solutions to renovate and improve fine turf, and the Verti-Seed is the ideal machine for greens and tees. A disc seeding system with seed fed through funnels and released just above the slit makes for highly accurate placement and the Verti-Seed can be precisely adjusted to give exact rates even for very fine seed such as bents and fescues. Models are 80cm and 1.2m working widths, suitable for tractors from 17hp.

Topdressing is an essential task on the golf course and Charterhouse’s extensive offering includes the Rink DS800 pulled model, suitable for tractors from 30hp. The 0.80 cu.m capacity DS 800 has dual spinners with a spread pattern variable up to 10m (33ft) for maximum productivity, and is capable of handling wet materials. Operation of the belt and spinners can be done from the tractor seat, via a hydraulic lever, and the material release gate automatically closes when the belt is stopped, avoiding unnecessary losses of material.

Cleveland Sitesafe Ltd
Tel: 01427 752058
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B29
Cleveland Sitesafe Limited manufacture and supply a wide range of highly secure all steel storage and accommodation units for chemicals, tools, fuel, equipment and personnel. Our range of Apex modular buildings are used for numerous purposes, manufactured in steel plate for strength and security, but clad in timber or texture coating and with apex tile roofs they blend into many different settings.

Club Car
Tel: 01942 503141
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M21

Coles Cheviot Trees
Tel: 0116 2412115
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M7
Provide the complete landscaping solution to the amenity market From trees to climbers, field-grown to large containers, Coles’ have both the capacity and the flexibility to fulfil large planting contracts whist maintaining the focus on the individual’s requirements. From concept to completion, we grow WITH our customers.

Countax Ltd
Tel: 01844 278800
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M36

ECHO will show their full range of chainsaws, brushcutters, hedgetrimmers and power blowers. All ECHO products benefit from ongoing anti-vibration development, enabling extended safe use for operators. In addition, product innovations such at the ECHO i-start and easy start provide the operator with minimal effort starting.
On display will be the ECHO Bear Cat range of chippers and chipper/shredders (upright, towable and PTO models) and EZTrimmowers. Chipper sizes range from 10cm to 30.5cm, and feature reversible chipper blades, cantilever rotor design and hydrostatic auto feed systems for ultimate chipping power. Chipper/Shredders range from 7cm to 13cm.

Ecosolve Limited
Tel: 01666 861250
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M2
Provide greenkeepers, groundsmen and managers of all turfgrass types and sports facilities with some of the latest solutions to maintenance and management problems.

Ecospray Ltd
Tel: 01760 756100
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M33

Elmwood College
Tel: 01334 658800
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C12

Tel: 07854 092758
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C16a
Engcon offers the market’s most extensive line of tiltrotators adapted for most excavators and backhoe loaders in the weight range 1,5–32 tonnes.
A tiltrotator is a powerful tool that facilitates and rationalises your work and raises your profitability. It also helps improve workplace safety.

FiberGrass International
Tel: 0031 499 375733
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M29a
FiberGrass International specializes in the development of artificial grass and installation techniques for golf and landscaping purposes.

Garfitts International Ltd
Tel: 0114 248 6564
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M38

Greentech (Sportsturf) Ltd
Tel: 01786 480020

Grundfos Pump
Tel: 01525 850000
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A9a
Grundfos Pumps supply systems for domestic, commercial building services and process industry applications, as well as being a major supplier to the water supply and treatment industries.

Hardi Limited
Tel: 01788 861144
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M32

Headland Amenity Ltd
Tel: 01223 597834
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C25
BTME will see the launch of Greentec Mosskiller Pro 4-0-4+9Fe. This new greens-grade mini granule has approval for moss control in managed amenity turf. With 75% of the available nitrogen derived from sulphate of ammonia, Greentec Mosskiller Pro will also act as a spring starter or low temperature hardener, where prolonged colour but not growth is required.

HumberPalmers Fertilisers
Tel: 01469 563980
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B7
HumberPalmers EXCEL Range of fertilisers provides professional greenkeepers and groundsmen a opportunity to produce high quality hard wearing turf for all amenity requirements in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner at a realistic price.

Tel: 01453 820300
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M17

Myerscough College
Tel: 01995 642305
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B15

New Holland
Tel: 0784 1493328
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M13 & Hall M, Stand M37
North Staffs Irrigation
Tel: 01785 812706
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B26

New Holland celebrates 45 years of involvement in the compact tractor sector in 2010, and will mark the occasion by delivering the most advanced compact tractor in the market today.

The Boomer 3000 series, featuring the award winning EasyDrive™ continuously variable transmission (cvt), benefits from having no range levers to shift and greater efficiency than any Hydrostatic thanks to its unique use of a totally mechanical drive train.

Customers relying on a mechanical transmission for fixed speed work now have a new option – this tractor allows drivers to match exact speed to every task without being fixed to a gear, thus maximising productivity. It was this model which was awarded the silver medal for innovation at the 2009 SIMA show in Paris.

Also on show at BTME will be the new T1500 series. Two entry level models offered with a choice of three-range hydrostatic or 9×3 manual transmissions, the 30hp T1560 and 33hp T1570 are versatile, easy to use and dependable.

“2010 is a milestone for New Holland,” says Rupert Boobbyer, New Holland European Product Marketing Manager for groundcare products.

“The industry has come a long way since the introduction of Ford’s LGT Series in 1965, and New Holland has certainly played its part in that and will continue to do so.

“As the years have passed, New Holland has consistently been at the cutting edge of industry innovation, manufacturing over 100 different models while striving to meet ever-changing customer needs.”

New Holland will also provide BTME attendees with a chance to see the T4000 on turf tyres, and a G6000, on show with the latest Blueline mower deck which allows the cutting height to be adjusted from the driver’s seat. Completing the line-up of groundcare machines will be a tractor from yesteryear, to mark the company’s anniversary.

“With the most complete range of groundcare products to-date, New Holland not only lives up to its well-earned place in the history books of groundcare, but continues to create new industry standards as we move forward,” Boobbyer says.

To mark the 45 year milestone, New Holland will hold a 30 minute seminar at 3.30pm on Tuesday 19 January in the Queen’s Suite within the BTME show. This will see Graham Gleed, New Holland’s Groundcare Sales Manager for the UK and Republic of Ireland, take a look in the rear view mirror to see where New Holland has come from, as well as look forward to 2010 and beyond.

Ocmis Irrigation
Tel: 0870 6005131
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A21
Ocmis (UK) Ltd, established in 1984, is a leading company within the water feature, irrigation and waste water treatment markets in the UK

Orkney Seaweed Co Ltd
Tel: 0788 408 1571
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A8
Orkney Seaweed Company manufactures a range of products based on liquid extraction from freshly harvested seaweed (tangle) from the unpolluted waters off Orkney in Scotland. The liquid seaweed product has powerful plant growth promoting properties for use in both conventional and organic horticulture and agriculture.

Phoenix Amenity Supplies
Tel: 01684 212020
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C26
Independent amenity supplies business offering a complete range of landscaping products direct to the contractors doorstep.

Protea Mowers
Tel: 01949 851420
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M10

Rain Bird Europe S.A.R.L.
Tel: 01554 890868
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A9b

Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd
Tel: 01473 270000
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M22
Ransomes Jacobsen is delighted to be back at BTME after a year’s absence. The main focus on our stand will be the all-new Jacobsen Eclipse 322, a hybrid ride-on greens mower, featuring the latest technological advances and powered by a small diesel engine with electric drive to the cutting cylinders and drive wheels. Also on display is the refreshed Jacobsen G-Plex III complete with joystick cutting cylinder lift and lower and an automotive style hand operated parking brake.

As you would expect from one of the market leaders in turf maintenance, you’ll find virtually everything for the grounds care professional on our stand.

Reaseheath College
Tel: 01270 613211
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C14b

Tel: 01480 455151
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M15
RECO specialise in high specification, robust groundcare and amenity products sourced from selected manufacturers from around the world.
On stand M15 will be a selection of the Kioti tractor range with models from 22 to 90 hp, including the new utility vehicle in the range – the Mechron. Also on display will be examples of our extensive range of Grasshopper zero-turn mowers with front or mid-mounted decks.
RECO also offer Ferri, RotaDairon, SGG and Maschio products.

Revaho UK Ltd
Tel: 01695 556222
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A35
Revaho represent the worlds leading manufacturers in the UK and Northern Europe including Netafim, Hunter, Amiad, Dorot, LR Nelson, Nelson Irrigation, NaanDan, ARI, NAFF PE pipes and Andros engineering.

Rigby Taylor Ltd
Tel: 01204 677777
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C23

Scotts Professional
Tel: 01473 830492
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B39

Sheltons Sportsturf Drainage Solutions
Tel: 01507 578288
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B8

Sherriff Amenity
Tel: 01638 721888
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C8
Professional Turf Care and Amenity Solutions Sherriff Amenity will be launching a whole range of new products at the show. There will also be a chance to win a Cub+ pedestrian sprayer, worth £900, by entering the prize draw we are running throughout the show.

Sisis Equipment
Tel: 01625 503030
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B24Exhibiting the latest aerators and scaifiers, including the recently
introduced SISIS ROTORAKE 602 pedestrian scarifier/de-thatcher

Speedcut Contractors Ltd
Tel: 01865 331479
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A22

Tel: 01428 685762
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B4

Tel: +420 465 320 640
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A13

Tel: 01759 321000
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A37b
Inturf is set to launch an innovative new soil conditioner at Harrogate Week 2010. Designed especially for golf and sports turf applications, TerraCottem Turf harnesses a combination of over 20 hydroabsorbent and nutritive components to significantly improve soil quality and water retention for healthier, more vigorous turf.

TerraCottem is already a proven product – parent product TerraCottem Universal has been successfully used in largely horticultural settings for the past 15 years in over 40 countries worldwide. However, having gained cult status among turf users during that time, the original product was put back into research and development to find a solution specifically for the turf industry, resulting in the creation of new TerraCottem Turf.

Central to this new formulation’s success is the addition of zeolite, a 100 percent natural volcanic mineral that helps increase soil fertility and water retention. Zeolite is renowned for its very high Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), the ion exchange between the soil and soil solution that represents the soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients and prevent them from leaching beyond the roots. The inclusion of 42 percent zeolite with a CEC range of 150 to 180meq/100g, together with 31 percent high-CEC hydroabsorbent copolymers, ensures the CEC levels of soil treated with TerraCottem Turf are far higher than normal.

TerraCottem Turf’s benefits have also been boosted by the inclusion of humic acid, an addition that has a hugely positive affect on soil structure, water retention capacity, drought-stress resistance, plant element-absorption and microbiological activity. Though found naturally in soil, its presence is limited – particularly in the sandy rootzones common to sports turf – and so supplementing the product with over 18 percent humic acid helps the sward make better use of nutritive elements and, in turn, promotes better grass growth.

Both laboratory testing and plot trials at Waregem Golf Club in Belgium have confirmed that the chosen humic acid in TerraCottem Turf produces the best possible results on root development, establishment weight, cover and grass colour. For example, in pre-launch trials the selected humic acid produced an increase of 25 percent in fresh-weight root production over the control.

Similar trials also confirmed the benefits of another vital ingredient – NPK fertiliser with magnesium – on germination, establishment of grass seedlings, colour and root growth.

Tel: 01491 202010
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C7E mail
The new range of K-Rain sprinklers, and details of the new Kasco water treatment fountains will be shown for the first time.

ITT Lowara
Tel: 01297 630200
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A10
Irrigation pumping systems which operate in countries all around the world.
complete range of products consists of pumps, variable speed drives, complete package solutions, filters and disinfection systems.

Jex Plant UK Ltd
Tel: 01945 420404
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C14a

John Deere Limited
Tel: 0800 0852522
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B22 & Hall B, Stand B12 & Hall B, Stand B21 & Hall B, Stand B41

Machines from John Deere’s brand new golf course maintenance product range are the centrepiece of the company’s display. Several mowers incorporate Quick Adjust cutting units, featuring a unique SpeedLink system for extremely quick height of cut adjustment; this allows the reels on an entire fleet to be set in the time it previously took to adjust the height of cut on one mower. Additional new machines include the 220e E-Cut hybrid walk-behind greens mower; the 8500e and 8000e E-Cut hybrid fairway mowers; the 7200 PrecisionCut trim & surrounds mower; the 8800 TerrainCut rotary mower; and the HD200 SelectSpray turf sprayer.

JSM Distribution
Tel: 01825 745326
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M34

Kubota (UK) Ltd
Tel: 01844 214500
Kubota will be showcasing a range of products from its extensive tractor and groundcare ranges including the all-terrain utility vehicle.

Lastec UK Ltd
Tel: 01622 812103
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C43

Tel: 01480 226800
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A5
Distributor Lely’s ‘Partners in Turfcare’ stand will showcase the SOLO range of premium gardening and outdoor equipment and Yanmar compact tractors.
Lely UK will also be offering the Yanmar range of diesel compact tractors and out-front rotary mowers.

Limagrain UK
Tel: 01522 861300
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C33

Lindum Turf
Tel: 01904 448675
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B5
Lindum Turf grow a wide range of turf for the golf course including the high bent content LT1 Tournament Greens turf, plus tees, surrounds, fairways and revetting.

LS Systems Ltd
Tel: 01772 817013
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C37
LS Systems group offer a wide range of services from supply of materials, to a full design and installation service.

Massey Ferguson (AGCO) Ltd
Tel: 02476 851286
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A27
BTME LAUNCH FOR NEW 25HP COMPACT TRACTOR FROM MASSEY FERGUSON Rated at 25hp, the new MF 1525H compact tractor will make its European debut on the Massey Ferguson stand

Replacing the 22hp MF 1523H in Massey Ferguson’s 1500 Series compact tractor line-up, the MF 1525H features a number of key enhancements over its predecessor. These include important upgrades to the engine, transmission, hydraulics and driver platform, all designed to make the MF 1525H a formidable contender in the sub-30hp compact tractor class.

Powered by a new three-cylinder diesel engine developing 25hp at 2,600 rpm, the MF 1525H has been given a larger 28 litre fuel tank, enabling operations to continue for longer without having to refuel. The MF 1523H had a 25 litre tank.

Also new on the MF 1525H is a three-range hydrostatic transmission (HST), bringing the tractor into line with larger 1500 Series hydrostatic models, all of which have three sub ranges. Also in common with its larger stablemates, cruise control is included as standard.

Customers operating implements and attachments will appreciate the MF 1525H’s uprated hydraulic pump which delivers 33 litres/min, giving a rear linkage lift capacity of 600kg at the link ends – 60kg more than its predecessor. The MF 1525H also has two auxiliary hydraulic valves as standard, selectable for single- or double-acting by moving a lever on the valve.

Equipped with rear and mid power take-offs with independent electro-hydraulic engagement, the MF 1525H’s PTO engagement switch is located conveniently on the dash panel. The switch has two positions: ‘Off’ for normal instantaneous power take-off engagement and “On” producing a ‘soft’ start for steady and progressive engagement of PTO drive, the latter recommended for high inertia implements and when operating in difficult or heavy load conditions.

Drivers of the MF 1525H will find a spacious, semi-flat operating platform offering enhanced comfort and control layout for improved efficiency and performance. The complete platform, including the dash panel and steering column, is mounted on rubber isolation blocks all-round, helping minimise noise and vibration for greater comfort. Providing a more spacious work area than the model it replaces, the MF 1525H’s operating platform has ergonomically-positioned controls which fall easily to hand to maximise operating experience and tractor output.

Other driver-friendly features include full hydrostatic steering, two-pedal HST, grab rails on both sides of the platform and a cup holder. The MF 1525H is fitted with a foldable rear ROPS and will be offered with a choice of 1.37m and 1.52m mid mower decks for the 2010 season.

Maxicrop UK Ltd
Tel: 08700 115117
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A24
Bio-stimulant products to improve soil and plant productivity

Multihog Ltd
Tel: 00353 429386738
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M5
Located in Louth, Ireland, the company was formed in 2008 by highly qualified engineer Jim McAdam and his daughter Ruth McAdam. With a combined engineering and sales experience of over 40 years, they used their knowledge and practical experience to create the ultimate multipurpose utility vehicle

Groundscare Products
Tel: 0118 9811313
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M6

Groundsman Industries
Tel: 028 27667049
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A12
Groundsman Industries specialize in the design and manufacture of Turf maintenance Machinery. Based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland they currently offer a range of machines for Turf Aeration, Turf Cutting and Wedge Blade Trench Insertion.

Tarmac Topsport
Tel: 01260 277377
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A26

Techneat Engineering Ltd
Tel: 01353 862044
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C6
Specialist application machinery design and manufacturers for the Amenity and Forestry Industry

The Grass Group (Trilo UK Ltd)
Tel: 01638 720123
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A38

Cutting large areas productively on the golf course can be a challenge due to the varied contours and the requirement for a quality finish.

The Progressive Pro-Flex 120 from The Grass Group has what it takes to deliver a superb cut on the most undulating terrain, using five rotary decks with independent float fore and aft to closely follow ground contours. Generous cut width of 3m helps the busy greenkeeping team stay ahead of the game, while anti-scalp rollers prevent any damage to the turf on the steepest of descents.

Incorporating the proven pto shaft, running gear and blade spindle assembly from Progressive’s Tri-Deck rotaries, the Pro-Flex 120 is built on a full frame to allow mowing to continue while backing up. Solid construction with 5mm deck material and the heavy duty frame ensure a long life with the most demanding of workloads.

Decks are equipped with shock absorbers to prevent bouncing even at cut speeds up to 10kph, boosting productivity while maintaining the quality of cut. The appearance of the sward is enhanced by the high blade tip speed, and an open rear discharge allows for even dispersal of clippings.

Height of cut is adjustable from 20 to 82.5mm in 5mm increments. Outer wings fold to give a transport width of 2.43m, and the three inner decks can be operated in this position, allowing access to more confined areas on the course and giving a 1.83m cut.

Golf course workshops will find this mower straight forward to maintain – decks lift hydraulically and lock into the transport position for servicing, while spindles are greaseable from the top side without removing the belt shields and spindle assemblies can be removed from the deck without disassembly.
The compact trailed chassis makes for easier turning and reversing; power requirement is from 30hp at the pto.

Terrain Aeration Services Ltd
Tel: 01449 673783
Exhibiting: Hall B, Stand B9

A series of one-metre deep soil core samples will determine the underlying soil structure and pin point the reasons and the depth at which compaction and drainage problems occur. Armed with this knowledge greenkeepers and groundsmen can then decide whether the Deep Drill, aerating down to 10 inches or an Airforce Terralift machine, de-compacting to a depth of one metre will best serve their purpose.

The Deep Drill physically removes ten inches of soil to the surface with 60 tungsten tipped drills on the drill bed, located at five inch spacings. The removed soil can be drag matted (as a top dressing) or removed and re-cycled. The treatment encourages root growth and a healthy sward which in turn saves the turf manager money on fertiliser and pesticides.

Airforce Terralift machines break up compaction panning to a depth of one metre by injecting compressed air from 10 to 20 bar., with minimal disruption to the surface. The process dispels anaerobic conditions and black layer, promotes gaseous exchange and opens the soil to allow natural drainage or water filtration to existing drainage systems.Both treatments are suitable for fine and amenity turf.

Tillers Turf Company Ltd
Tel: 01652 678000
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A32
specialise in growing turf for golf courses: USGA specification greens, tees, surrounds, fairways, paths, and revetting.

Tomlin (DW)
Tel: 01205 870535
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C39

Toro Commercial Products
Exhibiting: Hall A, Stand A28
Tel: 01480 226843
Tru-Turf Equipment
Tel: 01334 657602
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C30

Tel: 01889 271503
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M3

Tym Tractors UK
Tel: 01428 658487
Exhibiting: Hall M, Stand M4
All TYM tractors are manufactured by state-of-the-art engineering company "Tong Yang Moolsan", of South Korea. With the benefit of over 40 years of manufacturing experience in agricultural machinery more than 10,000 tractors are now made each year to meet an ever-growing demand

Verde Sports Ltd
Tel: 01254 831666
Exhibiting: Hall C, Stand C1
Tel: 01254 831666