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Massey Ferguson

Being shown by Massey Ferguson for the first time in the UK is an all-new cab for the 32hp MF 1532 and 28hp MF 1529 compact tractors.

Available as an option on both tractors in place of the standard rollbar, the high quality two-door cab is manufactured to Massey Ferguson’s specifications by cab specialist, Walter Mauser. Features include full “anti-noise” sound-deadening insulation, tinted glass all-round, a wide-sweep front wiper with electric screen washer and a roof-mounted heater with two-speed blower.

Additional ventilation is provided by hinging front and rear windscreens and doors that can be removed from their hinges without the use of tools. Both doors are equipped with dynamically-damped gas struts for controlled opening and closing, eliminating the risk of damage caused by wind gusts or a heavy hand.

Drivers will appreciate the internal sun visor and coat hook, twin rhombic-design rear view mirrors and smart grey internal cladding covering the bare metal areas often found in other makes of compact tractor cab. The padded roof insert has a slot for a radio.
Of particular importance to turf and grounds care professionals is the fact that the cab is compatible both with a mid-mounted mower deck and a front loader. This ability will be highlighted on Massey Ferguson’s BTME stand (no. A27) by an MF 1532M tractor fitted with a mid mower, a front loader and the new cab. An agricultural specification MF 1532A model will also be shown at BTME equipped with the new cab.

Other important tractors being exhibited by Massey Ferguson during Harrogate Week are a 46hp MF 1547 with DynaQPS transmission and air-conditioned cab and a 22.5hp MF GC2300 sub-compact tractor with front loader, mid deck and rear collector. There will also be an MF 20 MD 4 x 4 utility vehicle with 20hp diesel engine and two-range CVT (continuously variable transmission).

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Stand Number: A27

DJ Turfcare

DJ TURFCARE launches three new products at BTME.

The TURFSAVER, a new machine from the US that de-thatches and overseeds (or fertilises) in one compact unit is ideal for contractors, greenkeepers and groundsmen. It comes fitted with blades to verti-cut and covers a 22-inch wide swathe in a single pass. Manufactured by SourceOne, innovative designers of the Plugger aerator. Reliability is guaranteed.

Golf course and estate managers with many hedges and bushes to cut will find the ELEPHANT’S TRUNK transforms their working day – eliminating back, shoulder, neck and arm strain . . . and reducing the weight of any hedgetrimmer to just one kilo!.

Simply slip on the harness, clip on the hedgetrimmer and away you go – for easy cutting control no matter how much has to be done. The Elephant’s Trunk is from Green Technology of Belgium and exclusive to DJ Turfcare in the UK.

Third launch is RECOVERY from Viano’s organic range of fertilisers. This granulated product restores damaged turf that has suffered stress through drought or waterlogging, and contains Humifirst – derived from organic manure – and magnesium for maintaining grass colour. New to the UK from Belgium.

Also on the stand will be the ATOM GOLF BUNKER EDGER from Australia, the Plugger aerator (two new models) from SourceOne and Viano fertilisers including the award-winning MO Bacter – the organic slow-release fertiliser which eliminates moss and biologically digests the debris with no need for raking.

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Charterhouse Turf Machinery

Renowned for the Verti-Drain decompactor, this iconic machinery range continues to grow with the recently introduced 7621HD. The toughest Verti-Drain yet, the 7621HD has a working width of 2.1m and weighs in at 1650kg. It is ideal for greenkeepers with large fairways to treat.

Some models can reach depths of 16in (40cm) thanks to the unique principle of operation. The tines ‘heave’ the soil before returning to vertical and being withdrawn, effectively breaking up compaction.

Charterhouse offers a Verti-Drain for every application, right down to the ride-on Hydro 7007 for delicate greens and tees.

For coring and multi-tine aeration the Verti-Core is the strongest and most reliable core aerator in its field with a direct gearbox drive to cast steel cranks. With models from 1.3 to 2.1m, there is a Verti-Core to suit all aeration requirements and golf course tractors, and the machine offers a fast and user-friendly aeration choice.

Picking up cores after hollow tining is one of the most tiresome chores on the golf course, and in terms of the labour required, is costly too. The pedestrian CC3000HL Core Collector has been particularly appreciated this year as it can be used in all weather conditions. This is due to the conveyor belt collection system with a floating head which lifts cores cleanly even on wet ground. Power comes from a 7.5hp Briggs& Stratton petrol engine and CC3000HL’s gearbox provides no fewer than six forward gears plus reverse, with straightforward controls. Purchasers report that the CC3000HL and a single operator can do the work of four men in half the time. Even unloading is made easier as the high tip hopper can empty directly into a trailer or utility vehicle.

Reseeding greens and tees is a cost effective way of rejuvenating the sward while allowing a quick return to play and Charterhouse’s SpeedSeed range has become the tool of choice for reliable establishment. Individually cast spiker rings give random dispersement of seed, leaving no drill lines and the feed system handles all types of seed, including bents, with quick change feed gears make for easy rate adjustment

A compact 1.2m (48in) wide version is just the job for reseeding greens and tees.Topdressing is acknowledged as one of the most effective ways of improving playing surfaces and there is a trend towards frequent light dressings in the growing season will help to provide firm fast greens.

Charterhouse offers an extensive range of topdressers, but the Rink DS 800 is a perfect choice for the golf course as it is designed for mounting on a utility vehicle for convenient, turf-friendly application.

Spread pattern is adjustable up to 10m and the operation of the belt and spinners can be controlled from the tractor seat, by switching the hydraulic lever. The spinner discs have been designed to handle wet material very well.

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British Seed Houses

The firms technical team will be available throughout the show to offer advice on selecting the right grass and native wild flower seed for golf courses, sports pitches and landscaping projects from its renowned Grade ‘A’ range.

A highlight of the range is the A20 Ryesport mix which is the seed choice of a number of high profile venues. Comprising Gallius, Carnac, Vesuvius and Lucius perennial ryegrasses, A20 offers quick establishment and is hard wearing. Suitable for all sports pitches, the four-rye blend gives great winter colour and is an ideal choice for overseeding.

British Seed Houses complements its seed mixtures with an outstanding range of fertilisers. Floranid slow release products enhance turf health, and the company’s technical experts can advise on exactly the right formulation for applications from tee to greens.

Keen to share their extensive knowledge with visitors to BTME, the British Seed Houses team is hosting a workshop on the subject of ‘Introducing Velvet Bents to Your Course’ in the Queen’s Suite at 9.30am on Thursday. Greenkeepers are invited to hear the latest news and advice on this useful, cost-effective cultivar which has been used in Scandinavia to produce superb greens.

If you’re quick you’ll be able to pick up one of a limited number of free beanie hats!

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Stand A15


The Grass Group are the sole importers for the TRILO range of vacuum sweepers and blowers, the PROGRESSIVE range of flex deck contour mowers and roller mowers, the TYCROP range of Topdressers and for Green Clipper large area mowers. They are also suppliers of replacement blades for turf harvesters, mowers and tillage equipment as well as golf course machinery wearing parts. They will be showing the TYCROP ProPass 180 topdresser and looking forward to welcoming both new and old customers.
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Farmura are freezing all 2008 prices until 31st March 2009 and have a free product promotion for the Spring
The Farmura Aquatrols partnership is now one year old and is proving to be a very successful combination bringing together two well known ranges which are increasingly relevant in an era of balanced and sustainable management.
With industry standards such as Porthcawl, Revolution, Ferrosol, Primer Select and Seanure there is a lot to discuss.

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Stand A15


Speedcut Contractors of Oxford – specialists in sportsturf construction, drainage and renovation.- had a busy 2008 with a wide variety projects – many in the world of golf.
At Foxhills Golf Club and Resort in Surrey they have been reshaping bunkers, following a series of major fairway drainage projects.
And at Tandridge Golf Club in Surrey they have built three massive water storage tanks to reduce water costs, allowing the club to be more prepared during periods of drought and provide better economical use of this vital resource.
At Burgess Hill Golf Centre, West Sussex, they have completely renovated the 28-bay two-hectare driving range with sandslitting and topdressing.
Other golf courses which had major drainage work done included Wimbledon Park Golf Club, London, Pycombe Golf Club in West Sussex and Piltdown Golf Club in East Sussex.
Cotgrave Place Golf Club near Nottingham contacted Speedcut to install a comprehensive drainage system to the 7th hole on the Masters Course

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stand A19


Following an increase in reports of phytophthora disease in Yew trees, Terrain Aeration launches a new service to attack the problem.

Affected trees are treated with a mixture of parasitic bacteria and beneficial fungi after the root area has been de-compacted using one metre deep compressed air aeration.

“Phytophthora is a water bourn disease, and once we’ve opened up the soil and injected dried, milled seaweed to keep the underground cavities open there’s a better chance of addressing the problem,” says Terrain Aeration’s Operations Manager Lynda Green. “We treated the Yew Tree Walk at Sissinghurst in Kent, and managed to arrest the problem. If we’re called in at the first signs of disease, indications are that we can eradicate it.”

Terrain’s ‘Fight Phytophthora’ service is aimed at disease stricken Yews on golf courses, parks and gardens, cemeteries and Local Authority public spaces.

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Stand B44


“Communicate, innovate and forget your ego,” that’s the anti stress advice from Colin Burns, General Manager of Winged Foot Golf Club host of the U.S. Open.

Colin, who has been running Winged Foot since the late 1990s, will be flying over with his Course Superintendant Matt Burrows to deliver a free Fringe Seminar on behalf of Vitax during Harrogate Week.

Entitled ‘Stress Relief on a U.S. Open Course’ Colin’s seminar will focus on his experiences over the last 18 years as GM at one of the world’s premier clubs and preparation for a U.S. Open.

“As Matt (Burrows) will be there I thought I’d also talk about the relationship between the two of us and how we work together,” he says.

Free tickets for the seminar are available now from Vitax technical advisers and distributors or on the Vitax stand the first morning of the show. All those attending ‘Stress Relief on a U.S. Open Course’ will have the opportunity to win £50 worth of BIGGA merchandise by entering their ticket in the Prize Draw, conducted by incoming BIGGA Chairman Peter Todd, on the Vitax stand at 11.30 am on Thursday Jan. 22nd..

‘Stress Relief on a U.S. Open Course’ is on Tuesday 2oth. Jan. from 12.15 to 12.45pm. in the Queens Suite, and seats will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

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Stand A10

Hunter Grinders

Major advances to the computer software of the Automatic Jupiter ATI to enhance its operation will be demonstrated at the show. The Series 5 Jupiter ATI precision grinder with its advanced technical specification has played a major part in Hunter Grinders having its best year to-date.

The Jupiter ATI will relief and spin grind fully automatically returning cylinders and bottom blades back to the original manufacturer’s specification.
New features include the following:

• Information screen shows when guards are open or emergency stops operated.
• More accurate positioning of traverse through DC braking.
• Adjustable spin speed.
• Adjustable traverse speed for sparking out of bottom blades.
• When you choose to stop in the middle of a programmed cycle the blade that is being sharpened will be finished and the traverse will be docked before the machine stops.

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Stand Number C11


“Green Innovation on the Golf Course” is just one of nine comprehensive technical information sheets, to be launched by Lindum as a complete pack at the show.

Covering between them, the whole spectrum of Lindum’s turf products from ‘Hard Wearing Grass on the Sports Field’ to ‘Lindum Wildflower for Green Roofs,’ each colourfully illustrated A4 document features a choice of turf for each situation, alongside specification details including a breakdown of seed mixture for the relevant grade, roll size and weight.

Lindum’s MD Stephen Fell says that the content of the pack has built up gradually in response to demands from golf course and landscape architects. “In order for them to specify our turf products they need to be equipped with a high degree of technical detail,” he explains. “Now, we can either supply them with the full information pack or select specific sheets according to their interest.”

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Stand B5


Headland launches SEACOMPLEX 4-3-4 a new, organic soil amendment designed to work as both a fertiliser and biostimulant. Formulated from cold extract seaweed meal, humic acid, aerobically composted cow manure and micronutrients

THROTTLE and CABADEX, headland’s two new pesticide products introduced part way through 2008 will make their first appearance at BTME.

THROTTLE with its curative and preventative qualities for the control of Fusarium, (the combined effect of active ingredients Tebuconazole and Prochloraz) has proved to be highly effective in fighting the disease. The product’s dual activity protects the grass plant through the leaf as well as via the roots, maximising its efficiency.

‘Effective, efficient yet safe on young turf’ are the bywords for CABADEX, Headland’s low-dose, broad spectrum selective herbicide that can be used on newly sown turf, once the grass plant has reached the second leaf stage. Equally safe (when used as directed) on all coarse and fine turf areas, trials have shown CABADEX to be efficient in controlling difficult weeds such as Slender Speedwell, Yarrow and Lesser Trefoil, as well as many other common species.

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Stand C26

Course Care

As anti-pollution regulations tighten and environmental inspections increase, washpad water recycling remains high on the agenda and Course Care aims to stay in front with their ClearWater washpad water recycling systems.
BTME sees the launch of their latest system, ClearWater II and joint MD, David Mears told us; “We are excited about the new system and are determined to keep ClearWater competitive. There have been a number of upgrades and we have an increased capacity model. ClearWater remains keenly priced, simple to operate and, we believe, the most economical to run and maintain.”

Fuel security has become a concern over recent months, particularly as high prices seem here to stay. Course Care will be offering new tanks with enhanced security, including a competitively priced all steel range.

Waste management services have always been Course Care’s strength and the company offers what they believe to be the most efficient and cost effective service in the turf care market.

Tel; 01535 611103
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