British Wildflower Plants…

British Wild Flower Plants (BWFPs) have launched a ‘Golf Guide to Wild Flowers’ packed with information on which plants to put where to bring biodiversity to the golf course.

Written and compiled by owner and MD Linda Laxton, who has 25 years experience growing native UK species, the guide contains gems such as “the endangered bee needs food all year round as it hibernates just six inches below the soil surface but will emerge, hungry given a warm day,” “Gold Finches feed off Teasels” and “Turf Managers with water courses can plant Veches and Purple Loosestrife the food source of our endangered Water Vole.”

Produced specifically for Greenkeepers, the ‘Golf Guide to Wild Flowers’ is also relevant to Groundsman, managers of Parks and Gardens and anybody in charge of a green open space.

The ‘Golf Guide to Wild Flowers’ is available to download from the BWFPs website