British Seed Houses…

British Seed Houses offer s authoritative turfgrass, advice not only on seeds but on all aspects of their husbandry.
This naturally includes fertiliser. A fertiliser plan may include one or more of British Seed Houses Vitamixes. A Vitamix is a tank mix of three British Seed Houses’ liquid fertilisers with the addition of the company’s Kick wetting agent. Each Vitamix is tailored to fulfil a specific purpose such as preventing disease or preparing for an intensive competition such as the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where every pitch was treated with a Vitamix formula.
The range of British Seed Houses fertilisers is ever-expanding, and two new products will be launched at the show.
The first is Vitanica RZ which is an organic-mineral NPK fertiliser with a very special ingredient; Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Strain R6-CDX. After establishment in the rhizosphere, the BA R6-CDX inhibits the spread of pathogens, leading to increased vitality of the plant and reduced susceptibility to disease. This unique product is ideal for use at any time of year, but especially when disease pressure is highest, such as the autumn.
The second of the two new comers is Vitanica SI. Disease resistance, as well as heat and drought relief is offered by the high silica content for strong, durable turf through building up reserves of silicate within the cell walls of the grass roots.
Turf professionals are increasingly turning to the internet to research and source inputs, and they are sure to find the new British Seed Houses website particularly useful.
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