Blinder Bunker Liner….BTME report

Blinder Bunker Liner “Blinder”, the unique bunker liner developed using years of experience from top level Course Managers/Superintendent’s and industry professionals.
Blinder provides the solution to the problems experienced maintaining and building bunkers in the search for consistency, playability and ease of maintenance . Blinder can be installed in new construction/renovations and existing bunkers.

Director Penny Long told The Landscaper. “ We have had a fantastic BTME. We first attended in 2010 and each year it’s got better.
Key Features
Liner made from recycled products
Proven excellent Drainage Qualities
Durable and resistant to Golf Club strikes
Flexible to with stand expansion and contraction of soils
Minimises wash from bunker faces
The Benefits
No stones on Fine turf surfaces
No Damage to Clubs
Binding agent mixed throughout product to give consistency and strength
Minimises contamination to sand, ultimately creating huge savings in sand replacement
Improved consistency, year in year out
Protected drainage medium, vastly extending the drainage replacement program
Blinder can severely reduce man hours spent on bunker maintenance
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