Big stump – no problem

After you’ve felled a 125ft tall triple stem Lime tree the resultant stump needs the best equipment to clear it away and John Stenning of Canadian Roots Tree Surgery always hires the best – a Carlton from Orange Plant.

John is a qualified tree surgeon and has traded as Canadian Roots for over 16 years mainly focusing on tree surgery and stump grinding.

From past experience of Orange Plant, through the purchase of a chipper shredder, he had no hesitation to consult them about a stump grinder. “I used to own my own,” he says, “but after seven years it was coming to the end of its life. I did consider buying a new one but after talking to my local Orange Plant depot I decided to hire instead. It was a no brainer really – they have Carlton, the best make on the market; always the latest versions, plus you can choose the model best suited to the job. I can be sure that the trailers, as well as the machines, will be service checked and fully working so I never have to get involved in maintenance. Orange Plant are so competitive on price and offer a high quality of service to go with the high quality of their machines – if there are any problems you just give them a call and someone will drop everything and come out onto site to help. The level of service from Orange Plant is very high; you even get a cup of tea!” John tends to go for the self-propelled SP7015TRX and SP5014TRX models, although he has used pedestrian models in the past he finds the self-propelled ones, with a remote control, are good because they are safer, easier and quicker to use.

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Big stump no problem