About us

More than a magazine …

The Landscaper is the UK’s leading monthly magazine for professional landscapers. Spanning the entire Landscape industry, readers are responsible for the design, construction, installation and maintenance of:

• Urban gardens and patios • Golf courses
• Lawns and borders • Water features
• Parks and leisure areas • Public contracts
• Lighting • Irrigation
• Fencing and decking • Street furniture
• Playgrounds • Ponds & Pools

The Landscaper is read by proprietors of large, medium and small landscaping firms, landscape contractors, greenkeepers, groundsmen, local council specifiers, landscape designers and architects, arborists and horticulturists.

  • www.landscapermagazine.com has 52,717 visits per annum and 865,975 hits per annum

  • The e-newsletter: has 3,502 subscribers and 28.6% open rate.

  • Database rental: we can post your literature directly to our readership, targeted by industry sector or geography.  Our mail database is also available to send your press releases out to our digital readers.  This is an extremely efficeint way of targeting a large cross-section of the industry.